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Originally Posted by gyoung_06 View Post
Alright, so i got a ticket turning right on red coming up PCH in Malibu near the Pepperdine Campus....

Apparently there are 3 signs there saying no right on red and they are only one month old. Three questions:1. What kinda absurd fine should i be expecting to pay for a no right on red? 2. Any thoughts on what I should do? 3. Is there a way to keep this from making my insurance go up?

BTW: Just cause I drive a BMW doesnt mean I can afford it. Student loans exceeding $80000 and my parents with $250,000 in debt.... I hate cops and people who tell me that since I drive it I should afford it....
That's my old patrol area...

First off...Traffic controls and signs are always put in to address a safety or qaulity of life issue, so that's why the sign is probably there. Cops obviously are hired by a city and told what types of things to focus on, so that's why he was there. Its a pretty simple equation, and the fact that you chose to disobey posted signs (either by accident or on purpose), but seem mad at the cop because of your error is a little unreasonable.

If this cop told you that you should be able to afford it because you drive a BMW, that's unprofessional and isn't something I support. In fact, people in nicer cars often feel they are being targeted, but you should drive by my station parking lot one day and see that many of the deputies have nicer cars then those they are pulling over. Usually, the fact that we pull over nice cars or crappy cars most often is a byproduct of the area you patrol and the concentration or lack of wealth there.

To address your questions...1.probably a lot. I'm guessing between $250-300, but we have a resident fine calculator who will probably chime in and give you a more accurate answer. 2.Nothing to do but pay the fine and go for traffic school. You can try to go to court and fight it, but if the cop shows up, you're toast and you may not get to go to traffic school. 3.Go to traffic school to avoid any impact on your insurance.

Tickets suck, I try not to hand out too many of them, but I guarantee, you'll watch the signs a little closer now..
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