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Originally Posted by adept View Post
So I have a non-extendable baton under my seat.. should I take it out? I always liked it because I'm just a skinny white kid in a bad area driving around a nice car.

Hey, I'll never tell anyone what they should or shouldn't do in order to protect themselves or to feel safe. The hard and fast letter of the law says you can't carry it. If a cop pulls you over and for some reason wants to search your car, be honest with them, and hopefully it will work out without a problem (maybe he'll just ask you to put it in the trunk or something). Bottom line is that if you use it to ward off an attacker at some point, its not like you're going to get arrested for having it in the first place (at least I can't imagine you would be).

The only thing I like to caution people about when they carry anything for protection (even pepper spray), just remember that if you run into someone who is doped up, mentally unstable, or just a flat out better fighter than you, it could always be taken away from you and used against you...
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