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Originally Posted by adept View Post
Thank you for answering my question... I have another curious question I have that I've been thinking about for a while.

Picture me doing something illegal (say going 10 mph over the speed limit) and you see me doing it as you are sitting on the side of the road looking for speeders. Would you as a police officer be less likely to pull me over if you noticed that I was smiling as if I was in the happiest mood ever? Or is this just a stupid thought? What about if you do pull me over and you notice that me and my girlfriend are both in great moods and we are about to go on an awesome date (or something like that). Would you be less likely to give me ticket if I was in a really good mood or if I was just acting normal?

-- This thought came to me after I was driving around ~1 month ago and I had a huge smile on my face due to something my GF said and I was also happening to be looking at a policer officer at the same time, and he smiled back at me (and I think I was noticably going a little too fast).
I frankly don't notice the emotion before I pull someone over. I'm not big on tickets unless the violation is really bad or the person is an a-hole. If you're a nice guy/girl, and acknowledge that you may have made an error, its unlikely that I would cite you. Not all cops are like this (especially if they work traffic and need to write some cites), but most of the guys I work with are.
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