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Originally Posted by OHCM3 View Post
So your car has no tinted windows, stock exhaust, nothing hanging from your rear view mirror, no windshield crack, enough tire tread, you didn't cross the lane markers when you made the curve, your insurance was in hand and up to date, etc, etc??? Basically, if a cop is really mad, there is almost always some reason to cite someone if you really want.

Anyway, hopefully if there was some animosity between you and him, he's over it...
As soon as I get pulled over pull out my license and registration and proof of insurance, and just wait for the cop to ask for it. Yes my front windows are tinted, but I roll with them down, all of the time except when it's raining. Nothing hanging from my rearview mirror, that is tacky, stock exhaust at the time, always stay in my lane, crack windsheild on a bimmer, lol.

now i have straight pipes, and cops dont even look at me

Originally Posted by OHCM3 View Post
You could be driving the speed limit and still get cited... the CA basic speed law says you need to drive at a speed safe for the conditions regardless of the posted speed limit (although that is a factor too), so you're right, losing traction indicates that someone was violating the CA basic speed law (22350 cvc)
So easy to fight this one.

Do you need to use a blinker when you change lanes? By law? I'm not talking unsafe lane change, just need to use a blinker/turn signal?
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