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As soon as I get pulled over pull out my license and registration and proof of insurance, and just wait for the cop to ask for it. Yes my front windows are tinted, but I roll with them down, all of the time except when it's raining. Nothing hanging from my rearview mirror, that is tacky, stock exhaust at the time, always stay in my lane, crack windsheild on a bimmer, lol.

now i have straight pipes, and cops dont even look at me

So easy to fight this one.

Do you need to use a blinker when you change lanes? By law? I'm not talking unsafe lane change, just need to use a blinker/turn signal?
second part....

yeah you have to use the blinker when changing lanes....
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You'll always be pretty in my eyes, Cole :luv:
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i was like passed out while she's shoving the entire bar in my mouth. :rofl: :rofl:
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