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Originally Posted by killswitch View Post
yea bro, yeah whatever you're doin, keep on doin it focking sick
Thanks man, appreciate it!

Originally Posted by deafboy View Post
I'm really starting to love that bumper...

I still dont know if I could pull it off though...

and arent Kerscher fiberglass?
Lol, here's some pics for your pshops! I don't even think I pull it off...but I'm happy with it. I'd have to spend way too much to get it to look perfect with V-hoods and blingbling wheels. I gotta pay back college loans, so this is it!

And yea, they're fiberglass, but a hybrid fiberglass, it's got some plastic qualities to it that make it sturdier than your average Honda fiberglass kit... or so says Kerscher of Germany (I'll buy it, lol).

And thanks!
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