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Originally Posted by hosagod View Post
Hehe, just hope and pray your car doesn't have too many problems. I guess it's bound to happen after 4 years of me beating my car! It's not really any major stuff (except for some valve in my intake that's broken and is rattling and a torn differential, haha)...just little nit picky things here and there that add up on price when you take into account labor and part prices.

"Drive it like you stole it" comes out of your pocket when it comes time for maintenance.

Now I know why people always used to say that BMWs are expensive to own. I think next year I will be selling this car if I should happen to get into medical school. I'll invest whatever I sell it for into stocks and let that build over 4 years. Then when I get out of school, I'll have enough for an M3, plus some to pay back medical school loans!
yeah hopefully it wont be too bad with my car as i baby my gurl ... but thats a smart move on your part man... i recently started investing and boy im addicted im going broke over investing but its all worth it lol well almost..... im no expert but you should look into ETF's if you plan on doing your own trading.. for example check out these ticker symbols.. EWZ, DBN, FGJ, VWO and theres a bunch more that have very high YTD return like the ones i listed.. ive earned really well with these in the past year or so... ETF's = FTMFW.. (worth looking into at least IMO)
~ Robi

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