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Originally Posted by m330 View Post

button the back of the stock auto shifter... you need to push in the button and step on the brake pedal to get it out and into a gear.

and the paddles on teh steering wheel is a retrofit. step trannys could in fact become SMG like using the paddles to shift gears
Originally Posted by SWINFORD View Post
1.The button doesnt really do shlt. It works fine without it

2.if you have a steptronic tranny there is a DIY on how to make the SMG paddles work with Step.

Originally Posted by Shinobi View Post
1. Nope...depress the brakes to move it out of Park and after that, you can move it freely from R > N > D > Sport or Steptronic Mode. This knob feels alot lighter than the stock one.

2. Paddles can be retrofitted. These are SSG paddles that were installed, specifically for my hand size, so it feels very comfortable for me. Being SSG, and not SMG paddles, either side upshifts and downshifts.
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