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Originally Posted by bamafanatic View Post
No way would I reuse the nylon nuts. For any application, they are intended to be single use items. I was asking about the bushing mounting bolts and the plate/tube reinforcement bolts. The bolts are probably OK, but vert is right about applying some threadlock (average strength, blue or red) to the bolts to make sure that they stay in. However, I do have some reservations about using threadlock because I have heard that it can effect your torquing of the bolt. I am doing the job this weekend and will probably torque the bolts down w/threadlock first to get a feel as if they need it and check up on it later if I decide on staying w/out threadlock. Easy to fix if they need it.
For what it's worth, the first time i had to remove the brace i did not replace the bolts and just applied some threadlock. When I removed the brace the second time a few months later and after a few thousand miles, the bolts were still nice and tight. I did use the new ones the second time around just because they were a cheap insurance. I don't think it was more than 10 bucks for all 8 at the dealer with a CCA discount. But if you search on this board, you will see that lots of people reuse with threadlock and everything is fine.
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