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The reason I was asking if it would be ok to reuse the CA locking nuts is because I don't plan on replacing the CA's based on what I checked. I didn't detect any play while holding the wheel at the 12/6 position. However, at the 3/9 position there is a lot of play inside the CAB's. This leads to my next question, if I keep driving the car with the CAB as shot as they are, what are the chances I will damage the ball joints on the CA's? Both CAB's have a lot of play and need to be replaced for sure. I saw a DIY of a guy who replaced the CAB's without removing the CA's. All he removed was the triangular metal frame. If I end up having to remove the CA's, I will need to either reuse the nuts that are already there or replace them. If anybody knows the grade of those CA nuts, please let me know. There is no dealer where I live, so I will have to get them from a local hardware store.

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