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Originally Posted by MachRc View Post
the new dual intake (newest vq) 350z makes about 270 to the wheels automatic..

so... if the 325 is force inducted and makes around the same horse power mark via pulley or headers or whatever... it should start pulling away becasue of more torque.

the cayman is quicker but may not be faster.
It would pull only if it weighed less. The area under the dyno on the VQ35HR is significantly fatter than previous VQ engines.

I've got a 13.2 at 105.69. Where are SC'd 325's running in the 1/4. Whats the gain they get in the second 1/8th. I'm picking up ~25 mph.

edit- Don't forget, the Z has at least a 3.538 rear gear in a 6-speed manual. So the 325 loses the gearing battle as well.

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