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Originally Posted by malina View Post
How come new Zs are still heavier than e46 325s? Base Z is 3,313 lb. vs e46 325 3241 lb.
I dunno - part of its a 20 gallon gas tank and those weights are with a full tank of gas.

The chassis wasn't designed for the Z specifically, but for the murano, the Z, and the G, so it had to be adaptable and that led to extra weight. Its definitely stiffer, but I dunno what causes the weight to be so high.

And most 07 owners will never get low 13's. I went to the strip a lot and am driving the crap out of the car. That 13.2 is currently the best of any stock Z, so take it as you will.

The Nismo will run slower, stiffer suspension and more aero drag both kill its launch/trap abilities. The powertrain is essentially identical, so no help there.
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