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Re: Subwoofer Location

Well since you're familiar with the stealthboxes, you'll notice this is the exact same solution, except instead of using the existing rear deck speaker holes, they'll probably either expand on those holes or just drill out a new one.

The bass response will be MUCH better than the sub-in-the-trunk solution simply because the woofer will be firing directly into the cabin. The bass will bounce off the rear window. Make sure to dynamat your rear deck, but there's no need to dynamat the drunk.

Bad note: As i've started to notice w/ the stealths - while bass is typically OMNIDIRECTIONAL, the fact that the woofers are physically located inside the cabin and firing behind the front component speakers, it messes up the imaging a bit. I'm trying to fix this by tweaking the crossovers and trying to bring a stronger midbass up front. I believe if I reserve the stealths to only freq. lower than 70hz, it should mask this effect.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

Originally posted by rashishi

I want those sound waves to enter the cabin cleanly, I want to feel the air moving around my face when the bass hits.

Talking to a local shop, they suggested two 10" free airs in the deck. Something like these pics:
[This installation would involve some minor cutting. Has anyone here done this? If so, how was it?
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