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Originally Posted by BM-MAN View Post
I checked my car and noticed it did not have the Engine/chassis brace bar instead it has the aluminum plate front end reinforcement. Did anyone run into any issues installing 66mm bushings since they are bigger, on a coupe with this aluminum plate? I'm not sure if I have 60mm or 66mm on right now. I do however have the new 66mm that I am going to install tomorrow.

edit: see pic below
The suspension reinforcement plate does make it more difficult to get the LCA+LCAB assembly into position but it's not impossible - I've done it a couple times on my coupe. Just make sure that you've lubed the LCAB end of the LCA with lots of dish washing liquid (I used Dawn, but any liquid will work). This permits the LCAB to rotate slightly in case it doesn't line up perfectly with the mounting holes in the chassis.
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