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Originally Posted by absolutealex View Post
When my ancestors came over to this great country 400 years ago, they had a vision for a utopia, free from minorities, liberals, poor people, homosexuals, and immigrants. There are few today who share such lofty ideals, but we're easy to find: Pastel polo shirts, loafers without socks, tucked-in shirts, but most importantly, collars up.
Call me a douchebag. Call me an arrogant little *********** dickhead. Beat the **** out of me if I'm not with fifteen of my B-frat friends (unlikely). But just know this: I interned at Smith Barney this summer. Where did you work? A Blockbuster? That's right you insignificant sack of dogshit; I'm going to be your boss. So take your t-shirt wearing, financial aid, blue-collar ass over to Blockbuster and get me a copy of Old School. Do you even own a tuxedo?
Look at my girlfriend. You think she'd go for someone who didn't have his collar up? I don't think so. I remember the night I met her. I bought her so many $9 drinks she couldn't even walk. So I drove her home in my BMW 328ci, but not before I took a few "liberties" with her. The next morning I took her to brunch and went to the mall, where I bought her some blouses. You *******s don't know the first thing about being a gentleman. You probably don't even know how to sail.
When I get out of business school, I'm going to be making $120,000 a year. Add that to my trust fund, and I can buy a country club membership, a ski house, and still have enough money to go barhopping around the city in my designer clothes and ****-eating grin. Maybe I'll offer you a hundred bucks to flip my collar up for me. I earned it you middle-class **** up. I bet you went to public school.
You're so predictable. I bet I can guess your political party just by looking at you. My cronies and I range from elitist northern liberals to heartless conservative bastards. I've wasted enough time with you. Get some rich parents, an internship, and a pink polo with the collar up, and then maybe I'll let you hang out with me.

I do not intend to be rude..being as I am from the South and my family like yours...is very old. I do hope...for your sake and for the sake of our fellow fanatics that their is some economy left by the time we are ready to wallow in the font of seemingly never ending potential wealth that can surely be accomplished in this great society...and in the world respectively.

However, I find your post confusing as you neither state nor identify the person to whom your post is written. I would ask you to, in the future, make your post relevant to the subject in discussion and not try to win our respect through self-idolization and praise. Private messaging would have been a better alternative for you here.

I am sure you are very intelligent, however I could not help but wonder as to someone who calls himself a gentleman cannot for one instance take a little crap from someone you would probably consider insignificant. Apparently it does not take much to put a dent in your pride. If you plan on running a business you need to know when to let a few slide by and swing when it matters. If you can't learn to market yourself better in here...how will you run a successful business? Unless you plan on having a boss to call all the shots for you and fight your battles for you I see no other alternative. The only things you left out were your fraternity and your income now.
Good luck with your business and I hope you do very well for yourself.

PS: What College are you attending?


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