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Just finished putting a 3 way Dynaudio set in the front of my coupe and must confess to being very impressed, despite no setting up as yet they are very smooth and detailed straight out of the box but don't seem too clinical or keen to "shout" their capabilities as some can.

Find Focals a little too bright for my liking, find them tiring to listen to - same as the Hex's and other Diamonds imo. Though i've yet to hear a set of MB Q's which don't make them both seem laid back

For a smoother sound, then Dynaudio, Morel or DLS are all worth checking out.

Drivers will probably contribute to the largest difference in sound that the end system will generate (as well as the actual installtion of said units), only way to be sure is to get out there and audition ... only some will be right for you and you really need to hear them installed in a vehcile-don't take a shop stand to mean a thing.
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