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Originally Posted by fmzip View Post
Thanks for the tips,

I don't have an issue with the shipping since I would like to order a gasket and radiator hose. All the other missing parts can be included in that shipment, like the bracket, fuse holder, dipstick plug etc.

Maybe I need a new set of instructions and parts list from you. The instruction manual is dated 2/13/07. The instructions you sent to ELio awhile ago stated this plug on the dipstick tube. Is this step not required?:

Step 7: Install ESS supplied plug on dipstick tube.

Tools required: -Flathead screwdriver

Locate the free outlet on the dipstick tube (Pic.59) where you pulled off the hose earlier. Install the supplied ESS plug hose to seal off this opening. Secure the clamp using a flathead screwdriver (Pic.60). Make sure you don't twist or bend too much on the dipstick tube. You might damage the O-ring that seals the tube down into the oil pan.

Also, am I missing these items?

Extension hose for fuel rail, qty =1
End caps with connectors, qty =2
Yes, you need the plug for the dispstick tube hose, I thought you ment a new dipstick..

The end caps/connectors are already on your TS manifold.

There is no need for a fuel rail extension hose on your model.
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