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Originally Posted by jwm5 View Post
Great thread, keep the info coming. My only complaint/suggestion we need a baseline for the comfort rating. I know everyone has their own preferences and opinions on how comfortable or stiff a ride they like, but a baseline would help; for instance the stock non sport suspension is comfort level 10 (cushy) stock sport setup is 9-9.5 (little stiffer than non sport) compared with a race setup would be like a level 2-3 (very hard). Otherwise great thread.
+1 Guys. when youre rating comfort level, think 10 as stock non-sport and 9 as stock sport. no freekin way are these coilovers getting a 9 on the scale I have the UUC Stage 3 suspension, and coming from the stock non sport id rate it an 7.5, not to mention its one of the less harsher ride suspensions out there.

ill write my review up once i install my swaybars,ca+bushings, and get an allignment cuz my car is riding a lil funky now,
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