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My Ride: 2002tii, 540i, 330i
year and body style: 2004 330i
setup being rated: ZHP Suspension
adjustments: None
additional aftermarket components: Factory
additional info: Firmer springs (front +6%, rear +8%), Firmer shocks (Jounce: front +50%, rear +20%), (Rebound: front +35%, rear -8%), Larger diameter anti-roll bars: 23.5 mm front (v. 23.0), 18.5 mm rear (v. 18.0), More rigid forward bushings, Lower ride height by 15 mm (.6 inches) utilizing shorter auxiliary springs, -.5 degrees of camber (for a total of -1.1 degrees)
preferred ride style: A step up from the Sport Package, but not as aggressive as Coil Overs
would you recommend this setup? YES!!!! If you don't want to install a suspension setup. Best Factory Suspension
ride comfort: Driving is extremely comfortable. Harsh roads are bearable and not brain rattling. 8
handling: Compared to Coil Overs, this is nothing. But given its setup, it handles extremely well. Cornering is amazing 7.5

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