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Originally Posted by bikergeek View Post
I'm going to be replacing the oil level sensor on my '02 coupe in not too long, along with an oil change. How tough is the reinforcement plate to remove? Looks like it has to come off to get at the sensor.

Can one do this on ramps, or do you need jackstands for this? I prefer to use ramps for stuff where the wheels don't have to come off, but I note that the Bentley manual says not to drive the car without the reinforcement plate installed, so I'm a little worried about keeping weight on the wheels while removing the plate.

Also, my Bentley manual says that the bolts securing it should be replaced every time they're removed, because they're "use once" fasteners. Anybody know offhand what size and grade they are, so I can get replacements before starting the job?

Thanks in advance.
yes you can do it on ramps no problem just wear some dirty clothes while you're at it, lots of dust/sand or road debris down there when you take off the skid plate mostlikely you'll hold it on your chest which is fine it's not heavy.
as far as the fasteners, i don't think you have to change them, but here's the part numbers just in case
HEX NUT BM6-8-ZNNIV SI quantity: 3 part # 07129905411
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