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Originally Posted by EurosportAMG View Post
yes you can do it on ramps no problem just wear some dirty clothes while you're at it, lots of dust/sand or road debris down there when you take off the skid plate mostlikely you'll hold it on your chest which is fine it's not heavy.
Did it this afternoon. Combined it with an oil and filter change. Put the car up on jackstands. And I'm pretty used to climbing around under cars--I have a grubby old pair of jeans and a sweatshirt I use for the purpose.

Biggest problem was torquing the fasteners back down for that plate--was a *real* pain to turn the rear ones the required 90+30 degrees, even with a two-foot breaker bar. They're recessed, and in at an angle, so it's not easy to apply the amount of torque they require.

as far as the fasteners, i don't think you have to change them,
I was referring to the bolts securing the reinforcement plate; sorry if that wasn't clear. And yes, I did buy eight new ones of those from the dealership.

It's really kinda weird that the E90 has no dipstick and just uses the level sensor. I guess you end up overfilling it when the sensor burns out? Kinda reminds me of that apocryphal story about NASA and the USSR's space agency, whose name escapes me at the moment. NASA spent millions of dollars researching a pen that didn't rely on gravity for ink feed, so the astronauts could write in space in zero gravity. The Russians just issued their cosmonauts a pencil. Moral: don't overthink things.
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