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I was referring to the bolts securing the reinforcement plate; sorry if that wasn't clear. And yes, I did buy eight new ones of those from the dealership.
ooh those bolts, to tell you the truth, i had no idea about them, been taking that darn plate off about 10 times so far and still using original bolts, they seem to work ok still

Biggest problem was torquing the fasteners back down for that plate--was a *real* pain to turn the rear ones the required 90+30 degrees, even with a two-foot breaker bar. They're recessed, and in at an angle, so it's not easy to apply the amount of torque they require.
what works for me is i use a short maybe 3inch extention with the socket and tighten them by hand using that, fits pretty good in those recessed holes, then i slap on a ratchet...

that NASA thing is funny, i remember that story
i couldn't do the no dipstick thing, i'm really not liking the way some newer car designs go, and it's not just bmw, mercedes is the same going away from the dipstick relying on a stupid sensor.
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