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Hi Tesh, I'm down in North Hampshire.
For Dynaudio, you're best to track down an authorised dealer as most will not discount but Dynaudio themselves tend to only use many of the better dealers to distribute.
Wentworth Car Audio, out at Virginia Water may be worth a try. Very knowledgeable staff.
Not sure if Prestige carry Dynaudio, they're down at Rayners Lane but they definitely both carry Diamond.

DLS can be sourced from CAD URL=]([/URL] best to give them a call fror pricing - I can recommend the UR36S set, ran this a couple of systems ago and they are superb units, mid bass is perhaps not quite as punchy as the Dynaudio drivers but the mids are superb and the tweeters very smooth. CAD also sell the Diamond range.

To be honest, the DLS and Dynaudio are both quite smooth whereas the Diamond drivers are quite different sonicaly. I'd suggest a visit to a dealer for audition before considering purchase of any of them.

I know someone who's just started importing the Morel (USA)units into the UK and could put you in touch for some introductory pricing. Though they still run near the same as both DLS and Dyn, again, very similar voicing.
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