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Overspend..... all a matter of relative relationships... my good lady tells me I spend relatively excessive amounts on my interests

The Dynaudio 3 way set retails at around 740, the two way around 450 I think. Though you may find a bargain on Ebay. Not cheap drivers but then comparable prices to the HEX range from Daimond. I've not heard many setups sound very smooth off a head unit, the amplifiers simply don't have enough in reserve to deal with the dynamics that a good set of drivers require. Music therfore sounds compressed, distorted and harshness sets in as the amp moves into clipping.

The JL 'XR' range are another worth listening to, a good balance between the almost bland flatness that the Dynaudios offer and the brightness and hardness of the Diamonds. I ran the 5.25" XR's in my last Audi and was very pleased with them.

As for amps, depends on the drivers you go for, both Morel & Dynaudio have very large voice coils to aid cooling and increase the thermal capabilities, though they do require more power as a result. I run all Genesis amplification which is as far as I'm concerned, as good as most mid to high end domestic kit. Again, not cheap... perhaps a used Phoenix Gold amp would be a good choice. Do you have any ideas currently on amplifiers as the list could be endless without more criteria ? I'd not consider using any of the drivers mentioned without external amplification if you want to get them performing at anything near their best.
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