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Originally Posted by frobie15 View Post
You're supposed to pull over as soon as it's safe. At night that means that you can pull into a parking lot -- or under a street light. If a cop is sane, then he'd rather have you off of a freeway (if it's reasonable), or a main/busy street. Although if you ever saw the episode of Rob and Big where they got pulled over in Newport Beach the cop got all pissed off at Rob because he didn't pull over right away.

I suggest this; During the day pull over to the shoulder of the freeway, or to the side of the road. If the cop feels it is an unsafe area, then they'll tell you to move. At night, do the same. But if you don't feel safe, try to let the cop know that you acknowledge you are being stopped. Slow down, move to the right lane, turn on your flashers or right turn signal, or something along those lines.
thanks for clearing that up. a friend of mines was in the same situation and he told the cop it was for public safety.. didn't matter, he still got a ticket
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