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I just have some simple questions for you guys and i would really appretiate your help on them. I am currently 17 years old ( turning 18 in a few months) and i have had my share of stupid/childish driving in the past, and do to that my license has been suspended for the past 5 1/2 months and im getting it back in 2 weeks. and Yup, havn't driven for almost 6 months and have lost my job and basically, life. The reason my license is suspended is because i have 1 wreckless and 2 speeding tickets on my recond within 2 years ( I know i was an idiot)... Im getting my license back on Dec.4 which is in about 2 more weeks..and my questions are..

1. What would happen if i get another ticket (ex. speeding, stop sign, U-turn) within the first couple months i get my license back?

2. what would happen if i get a ticket (ex. speeding, stop sign, U-turn) once i am 18? will i get suspended again?

3. What should i avoid? What should i be careful with when i get my license back? any advise would be great

Thank you for taking the time to make this thread..this is really helpful!


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