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Now to finish up...

Now we need to get the AC belt back on. This one is much simpler. Switch back to the T50 Torx bit and place the belt onto the pulleys as shown in the pic below. Then detension the tensioner by pushing down on the ratchet.
Click image for larger version

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Slip the belt over the top of the pulley and let off on the tension. Now check the belt to make sure it is on properly, if not detension a bit and fix it.
Click image for larger version

Name:	step-23-ac-belt-on-small.JPG
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Put the dust covers back on to the tensioners and make sure they are seated all the way. Now all you need to do is put the fan/shroud assembly and intake back in. Be careful slipping the wiring back into the retainer on the shroud and make sure that when you drop the shroud in that it rests in the retainers on the radiator properly. To get the plastic clip holding the right side of the shroud to the radiator you may have to squeeze the end of it together a bit to get it to go back in. Make sure all the clips are pushed in all the way and you are good to go!

This was my first time doing this procedure on my 330 and it took about 30 minutes (including the extra time needed to get the right pictures), without the picture taking it probably would have taken me about 10-15 mins.

Hope you find this useful.


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