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Smile Some HU help please....

Hi all,
Had a few question about installing a new HU (Pionner DEH-P940MP) and the PAC SWI-X w/HK in a 325 03'. I have been searching and reading as many much info about it, but I have a couple of questions, and would appreciate any help....

1. I live in Nassau County, LI, so if anyone one could recommend a good stereo shop to do the HU install, I would appreciate..I've seen Ultrasounds in Lynbrook mentioned in here, and I wanted to make sure that since I am confused about the whole installation process that I could just give them the stuff and they would know what to do.

2. It is a leased there anything specifically I should ask them NOT to do so that I could switch back to the original radio without being charged for changing the radio when I have to return the car?

3. Someone posted this in another this true? Will I lose the use of my subwoofers by installing a new HU (mine HU is almost identical to this person's) Or is this just an inexperienced installer?
"Also I would not recommend upgrading a CD player to an aftermarket one if you do have teh H/K system unless you are going to get aftermarket subwoofers also. When they installed my cd player they had to bypass the factory H/K amp because the new cd player has its own amp. All speakers play better but the subwoofers do not play. This is because an aftermarket cd player is wired for stereo sound as the BMW one was wired for mono sound (at least thats what they tell me) but I am planning on
putting aftermarket subwoofers in place of the H/K ones anyway."

4. This post was my second concern from a different this something I should be worrying about, and if it is true..should I assume that the installer will already know about this, and what to do?
"Heard it will for a lil bit..then after awhile it might blow cuz of the different impedences. I also heard that there's also an adaptor that you can get to make it work together w/o worrying about the impedences. Anyone know about this?"

The more I read about it, the more questions I come up with.
one more ques please ...Is it even worth it to upgrade the HU?(My Pioneer MP3 was in my old car (not a BMW) and I loved it, and an mp3 changer is absolutly not an option for me) I've also read that when you do a double amp that you can not go past a certain volume without distortion....or we talking about turning the radio up a bit, or the I can hear your car stereo from down the block loud?
I don't have to money to buy more stereo stuff, so I just wanted to make sure that I would at least have the same quality sound as with the Business CD player.

Sorry for the rambling....I wanted to take the time to get all my questions out at once
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