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Originally Posted by chivo328 View Post
Whenever I've been pulled over at night I have always turned on my hazards, turned off my radio, headlights, rolled windows down, turn on my dome light and place my hands on the top of the steering wheel.

My question is, generally speaking do police officers appreciate this type of behavior or am I just setting off warning triggers like "This guys a bit to familiar with this scenario"?


A lot of what you're doing is helpful in the end, but while you're doing it all I'm seeing is a guy moving around a lot in his car and reaching for things. I'd rather you just pull over (not hazards after the stop as they are distracting for the officer), roll down your window and shut the car off.

Being accomodating to the officer is a nice thing, but don't go too far.

BTW, if you want to see people who are too familiar w/ the scenario, watch me pull over some gangsters and watch their hands all hit the roof of the car immediately...pretty funny.
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