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Originally Posted by BreakMyWallet View Post

got pulled over for tinted tail lights and tinted windows.

she said the tinted tail lights is a fix it ticket.. but she said that tinted windows is a fine? anyone know how much that runs?

does that mean i dont necessarily have to take it off?
Man... when it rains it pours... How dark are your tail lights?
Here we go again with the Fix it no fix it

Go to the top of page 49 of the Los Angeles County Misdemeanor/Infraction Bail Schedule:


Tinted windows usually is either a 26708(a) of the Vehicle Code or a 26708.5(a) V.C. both of which have an E.P.C. notation next to the Base Fine. (E.P.C. = Eligible for Proof of Correction = FIX-IT Ticket).

E.P.C. is explained on page 25 of the same schedule.

Once you go the Clerk's window and assuming the officer did not check the "correctable box", they might make you see the judge if you go the "fix it" route. At which time, the judge will change it on the court record as per the bail schedule.

If you decide to keep the tint and pay the fine, then a $25 base fine (as shown on the schedule) and because of that "P" in the far right column, it actually turns into approximately $122. ("P" = Penalty is detailed on page 4 of the schedule).
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