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Originally Posted by fmzip View Post
I haven't seen an's 7:15PM eastern standard time.

I feel as though I've been extremely patient, but my patience is growing thinner by the minute. If you could explain why this is so cumbersome to get some hardware pulled and shipped, maybe that would be helpful.

I realize you're the messenger and aren't the one pulling the parts, I'm sorry to sound frustrated, but I am............
We are working on your requests as I write this. Since I got many different requests from you I an trying to narrow down exactly what you did and did not want.

Did you want the new all black IC hoses? They are quite expensive at USD 135 for the pair so if you don't mind the inscription in the old ones you will save quite a bit of change.

So far we have listed:

-Fuel rail spacers with bolts : USD 15
-Vacuum hoses with fittings for TS manifold : No charge
-Dipstick tube plug : No charge
-ICV 90degree elbow new type USD 18

Anything else you want that I have missed?

Regular mail or FedEx express shipping?

If you would like to pay using a credit card, can you please fax the cc and shipment address info to (240)220-6032?


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