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Originally Posted by fmzip View Post
Awesome guys!....Silverman, you pulled the engine?? Why?

Asjborn, I sent you an email with my payment info since your fax number had an odd busy singnal this morning. Please confirm you received it.

Thanks for the footnotes Paraklas....I wouldn't have been able to figure out what I was mssing without your help.

My luck is still running bad, yesterday went to have my car dyno'd locally, they couldn't do it. They only had a chassis dyno and my car sits way too low. Oh well....

So I drove 100 miles to Stamford Ct to get the dyno done on a dynojet....Get there this morning and....the dyno is down for the day! Freakin A!...... The owner apologized for the inconvenience and offered me a free dyno at anytime that would work for me.

4 hours wasted today, two hours yesterday....I could had the kit half installed already! Still need to get a baseline dyno I have to find "another" place unless I want to go back to Stamford CT!
I wish my garage has those cherry pickers. That was a picture sent by Hans at ESS when I had trouble with the belt routing. If it makes you feel better my car was inoperable for about a month with gathering of parts and DME programming. All worth it though!

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