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Originally Posted by paraklas View Post
Well my ECU is dead. Plugged it tonight to test the TS2 at last and the temp gauge went to the right end while key in position #2. This according to the things I read here indicates an ECU problem. The car would not start, just crank. No fuel pumped. All fues ok. Talked with ESS and they will ship a new ECU which I will have to re-align with my EWS. The dealer can do the realignment in 3 months from today (!!!!!) so I'll pray my carsoft interface will do the trick.
Carsoft works fine with EWS realignment. The new ECU has been prepared and will be overnighted out first thing in the morning for Saturday delivery.

Also do check all fuses to make sure they are OK.

Worst case we will extract the EWS code from your old ECU and code that into a new one here at ESS.
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