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Originally Posted by dirsh View Post
I'd like to know how it turned out as well. I'm still satisfied with my setup. It still sounds good. It was a b*tch to take out the box any time I needed to access the battery because it was such a perfect fit. I've taken out the back cover of my tailight and now it's easier to take out the box when I need to. It's still in tight and won't come out from driving and you can't even tell the cover isn't there.

btw I just checked their site and they now carry a magic box for coupes, sedans, and verts
Add me to the 'curious of how it turned out' list. I wanted to avoid battery-cover hassle altogether, and just ended up having a box made by my shop in Salt Lake.

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Just checked out wicked's site- they do have some pretty impressive stuff. Just wish someone would address the driver side!

BTW Dirsh- that W7 looks dope, my friend. Dope.
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