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Re: JL Audio 12W7

Originally posted by DropTopBM
I have some questions about the W7

1. What would sound better, one 12" W7, or two 10" W7's

2. What kind of box do these sound best in? I have a vert and want to port them via the ski pass

3. For the one 12", and the two 10", what kind of power would I need. How many watts?

4. Would I need a capaciter with either of the two setups (10" vs. 12")
I just had this converstaion with a guy in NC

the two 10's would sound better, but 1 12 would hit harder than two of 99% of any other 12's

as far as the amp either way you'll need the JL1000/1 or two JL500/l's. I was going to get one 10w myself and everyone recommended the 500/1 to push it.

I'm having problems myself trying to get the best sound quality from my sedan with the sealed off trunck so I cant help with what kind or box

Hope this helps!
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