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Yet, the doorpanels.
Why? cause this is something he can do inside the house, cause in Belgium, it's very cold already this time a year...IT ain't gonna be simple, but hey, let's try !

The doorpanels he's using are secondhanded. So the car remains complete, and he doesn't have to drive without panels all winter.

These are the doorpanels he made 10 years ago for his BMW E30. What he remembered is that it took a LOT of work.But it's payed off and looked nice.

The things he's going to make now, can't be compared with then. Here you see he demounted some stuff.

Started taking off the leather. awefull job

The 16cm FOCAL speaker is taking approximately the same place where the original speak is.

In the meanwhile , het let the rings mild nicely,

What he likes to do now, is to make the speakers turn the speakers.
This would be the normal stand.

And that's how the thing should come ones the door is closed.

These are the engines who will make this thing work.

So...There's going to be a switch inside the car, that when he gets pushed, the speakers change there angel. They come more turned towards the passengers.

It all sounds and looks cool, but he doesn't know for sure if he can make this work, if he has enought place to get the little engines, ...
will se what the future brings...
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