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Great write up. I just recently did the same bushing replacement, but had a different problem. I stripped the head off one of the bolts that attaches the passenger half axle to the diff (which I hereby proclaim will remain that way at least until I sell the car). I was still able to finish the job just by sliding it out of the way with one half axle still attached and the diff supported on a jack. As for the rear bearing removal, I bought a special tool from baumtools; Took all of 30 seconds to press out the old rear bushing once i had the tool attached. Though it cost me 200 bucks it definitely seems worth it compared to what you went through (if your reading this Baum Tool people, I think I deserve a discount as to how much I have touted your stuff). It also seems better than the 700 bucks my local indie bimmer shop quoted me. (also, I have two 330's (a sedan and a coupe) so I justified the cost to my significant other that way).

So I would recommend that other folks interested in this buy the professional special tool and do it yourself as you will save a TON of time and a ton of money. I also second his opinion that you need a helper… getting out from under the car just to move the shafts around took A LOT of time.
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