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I think these top them all.

PIAA Item No. H94 - 9005/9006 This bulb can be used at High or Low Beam
SUPER PLASMA BULB Features Super Plasma Bulb Technology Featuring a unique design, 2 different colours out of one bulb, Low Beam features the most similar colour to H.I.D. High Intensity Discharge and High Beam features the appropraite colour to reach as far as possible.
The bulbs emit light which is brighter that the standard bulb ofg the same style to use less amperage.
The Colour Temperature of the Super Plasma Bulb (5000K) is over that of H.I.D. (4300K).
Colour Temperature is a unit of measure for the colour of light, this is notrelated to the heat of the light source. A higher Colour Temperature represents a colour closer to actual sun light
PIAA state that the 55W rated bulb will product 110W

If you are a member of the FTO Owners Club you can purchase PIAA Bulbs at a 10% plus discount

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