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ive never had a problem with charming moms lol its the dads that i have a little trouble with...

just be yourself, and when you get to the restaurant, be sure to hold doors, and pull out chairs for them, courtesy points, also, let them order first, and as always, offer to pay at the end of the meal. odds are, like any parent she will touch on the subjects of school, work, family life, etc., just to make sure that you are right for her daughter, so be prepared.

other than that, make small talk between major topics of discussion, i dont know your gf or her mom, but just probe the ground and get a sense of what type of person she is before you make any sort of jokes lol it will give u a sense of whats appropriate or not

good luck bro!
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Need some opinion. Stock Titanium Silver coupe without spoiler, using the 2 Fast 2 furious skyline vinyl scheme. What do you think, do it or not? plus, i think it would look better then what most car members have here.
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