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Originally Posted by JELBMW330I View Post
dont buy the flowers. thats like sucking up like u said. just be cool and be yourself. onetime i was eating at a resturant and i was this kid having dinner with his girl and his mother and he was so annyiong saying thank you everytime the waiter came and it was annyiong. just be your self and be cool
no flowers are ok, its a harmless gesture, it shows the mom that you would go out of your way to do something nice for her and her daughter, it will lay a good foundation for you, nothing crazy that screams "im desperate to impress you", but just lets her know youre a sweet guy, all girls like getting flowers, but in this case its more so nice gesture than it is the meaning of the actual gift

i do agree with you about the "saying thanks to everything and being annoying" tho, even tho showing courtesy is important and having manners is a must, DO NOT be overweening about it lol that is just obnoxious and the mom will see it as you trying to hide something

if her mom is the picky type or is trying to test you (like alot of slightly over protective parents are), she will go into this date expecting to find things wrong with you, face it, no parent in their right mind, upon first meeting, will sing praises to themselves and write rave reviews about you, they want to see what your flaws are (if any) and based on that, make a decision on whether you are good for their daughter or not, for example, the most common responses you will hear:

"well, he seems nice..." - found a few flaws, but hes ok


"hes ok" - i have doubts about this one

you will never hear the parent list all your strong qualities to the daughter as if she was trying to sell you, in the court of parents, its almost always guilty until proven innocent
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Need some opinion. Stock Titanium Silver coupe without spoiler, using the 2 Fast 2 furious skyline vinyl scheme. What do you think, do it or not? plus, i think it would look better then what most car members have here.
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