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Originally Posted by glockman9c View Post
Dont flirt with her mom.
HAHAHAAH Oh my god you'd think this would be easy to follow but even SLIGHT flirting is a major no-no.

I made this mistake inadvertently as a teen. I remember I was out at the local ice cream parlor with the girly and her mom. So this was the first time I met her so I was nervous beyond belief.

I remember I made a comment about how she reminded me of the mom from this detergent commercial, and how that woman was hot. Now at the time I wasn't implying SHE was hot I was just talking about the tv-mom. But obviously it was interpreted otherwise and a fury of nervous laughter filled the void as she thanked me for the 'compliment' .

As others said just be yourself and be respectful above all else. do NOT open up with the mother too much regardless of how comfy you feel! As someone mentioned mothers ALWAYS attempt to find out your flaws. So be on guard.

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