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wow, excellent thread, now you have me thinking about my vanos everytime i start my car.. i might have to dive into this project at some point to prevent future problems. I was sitting at a stop light about a year ago days before my automatic transmission took a dive, i was stopped at a stop light when all of a sudden my RPMs dropped to near stalling and surged back up, this happened 2 or 3 times at the stop light, i drove away normally and that problem has since never happened. I was convinced it was some random hiccup and i believe it was that day or days later that i lost reverse and my auto tranny took a hike. im wondering now if that was somehow a vanos issue that popped up and disappeared. The fact that these orings that are in the vanos go bad pretty much guaranteed, makes me pissed off at BMW... ahhh looks like ill be doing this preventative repair in the spring!
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