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Originally Posted by Rajaie View Post
E46 cars with the ZHP package have a rattling problem at ~2k RPM. This has been attributed to the vanos. Dr Vanos www.drvanos.com has resolved the problem and sells an upgraded vanos to address it. The upgraded vanos comes with the new seals.
Iím not sure if this is the problem you have.

Regarding the idle problems, here are some thoughts.
Remove and clean your idle control valve. Brake or carburetor cleaner will work.
This can be the MAF sensor. Remove it and clean it with MAF spray cleaner. Make sure to let it fully dry.
You might have a vacuum leak. The CVV and associated hoses are a common culprit for a vacuum leak.
Wow...great info on the Dr Vanos...didnt know someone fixed that problem as I have heard it on atleast 10 other e46s.

I am pretty machanically inclined....I have cleaned (and do so everytime I change my Dinan intake filter) the MAF sensor with CRC MAF sensor cleaner, I have changed my ICV with a new one, and BMW did find a vacuum leak somewhere and replaced the hose ( I could not find) a year ago.

I do not know if I still have a vacuum leak, but I do not hear any hissing noises...where can I look for leaks?

I may changed out my VANOS with the one on the site in the future...I have learned to live with the tin-can rattle as my UUC LTW flywheel rattle is louder...but the car just dying when out of gear and turning the steering wheel to pull into a driveway is killing me....also sometimes when coming to a stop...happens in warm or cold weather.
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