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Not enough bass after HU

I have recently installed an Alpine 7894, and before that I had a Alpine MRV100M amp powering a JLW3 10" sub in my trunk. However, after the installation of the HU, I realized that I can hardly hear my sub now especially when I don't have the back seat folded down.

The shop I went to told me that because the Alpine HU is feeding more power to my stock speakers now (so they are louder) and therefore relatively speaking, it would seem like my sub is not as loud at any given volume.....

I just want to find out if that is indeed the case and how can I solve the problem? more power to the sub? or get another sub with more power?

I am also planning on getting the diamond M661 components with a amp so does that mean I won't be able to hear my sub at all since that setup is even louder?

Any input and suggestions will be appreciated because I want to make sure I plan my system correctly...
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