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Originally Posted by Shinobi View Post
Yikes...good thing you're not supercharged. You wouldn't be in 1st long at all. I did think about going with a lower ratio, but because I autox, I want to still be in 2nd over 60mph because courses are *usually* designed to be ~60 max. From what I hear, STI and EVO Guys hate having to shift to 3rd during their runs. I'd be curious what impact it has on your 1/4 mile times. You wouldn't happen to have a G-Tech Pro or something would ya?
I don't have a G-Tech Pro, but the next time Gainesville Raceway has an open track night, I'll take the car out there. I think they're closed until the end of January for winter and Gatornationals.

Originally Posted by mek206 View Post
Sweet thread. Hey Kpeng, I have a 328i. What kind of differential do i have? and what choices do i have if i wanted to go for something better?
As Albert said, will give you all the info you need.

Originally Posted by BMWPower06 View Post
3.91 seems WAY too low Ken, i mean im doin almost 70 in second gear right now. I mean if your happy with it thats all that counts Id def go 3.64 at most.
Keep in mind I have an auto, it's different for me.

Originally Posted by ari00 View Post
i don't get it. didn't he say he already took it for a drive and was at 3k rpm's at 90? even if it's 3200, that's not too bad.

and the E36 M3 you referenced...was that a manual? if so, the numbers Ken's using seem accurate...he's got a step tranny. i have a 6sp manual with a 3.46 and i'm running about 3200rpm's at 80mph.

Good job Ken on taking this project on. Wish i could do a 3.64 on my car but i do lots of highway driving and it would kill my mileage.
As Ashley said, I was cruising at 3K RPM at 90 before the swap. I've yet to find out what I do now. I will take it on the highway tomorrow. I drove around town tonight, and i managed better than I thought earlier. At 50 mph, I was only at 2000 RPM.
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