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Originally Posted by akhbhaat View Post
There's an even easier way to tell: if it's cracked, faded, stained, creased and generally just looks like crap, it's leather. Leatherette, being a synthetic material, will have an uncanny "factory perfect" appearance and feel even in an older car. It does not age or wear quickly from exposure to water or UV radiation. Leatherette will not stain, wrinkle, or fade.

As the E46 models age, you'll find that the mediocre quality leather BMW uses in the 3er will begin to show itself without the need for looking at flaps in the seat, or feeling the texture, or anything else.
I don't know dude. My car is 8 years old and about to break 105K miles. Except for an almost unnocticable amount of wear on the edge of the left sports seat bolster, the light grey leather looks completely beautiful. The previous owner said he used the Luxol stuff regularly. Plus his wife drove the car. And she wasn't fat. So maybe that makes the difference. I like the quality of the leather better than that in my parents two Lexuses. I don't think it sucks. My friends' 3 has the vinyl and I don't think it feels as good.

That said, leather was like 18th on my list of priorities when I bought the car. I would have preferred a grippy cloth Recaro if I'd had my way. At least for the driver's seat.
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