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Originally Posted by Rajaie View Post
Thanks for the info.
So this is a software upgrade that solves the cold weather first start attempt stall problem?
Is there a TSB you can reference on this?
I presume these cars didnít have this problem when new. Is there an explanation to what changed that caused this problem later?

I am not an engineer, However when these cars were still under warranty we were having this issue. Tolerances change fuel compositions change due to EPA laws. I know if we tricked the fuel system to give it more fuel the problem went away and BMW told us the new software does some tweaking of the fuel and slight timing changes. They also stated they have to be carfull or the EPA will get them for emissions violations. Although the Vanos units are real issues I have seen thos cause the cold stall as well. However I have seen the software be as much o0f an issue as the vanos. Typically for my customer if the vanos is bad I also update the software as well.

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