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Originally Posted by mpower325 View Post
I want to hear from people that have done this install and have put on significant mileage 1000+ miles with no vanos issue or cold start problem before I dive into this... once I see the credible info, i'll be ordering the seals and doing this myself.
You're perspective is quite reasonable.

Some of the original beta owners have reported on the vanos forum.

I inspected a set of seals after 1k miles. They were in new shape. Actually, I donít think they were completely broken-in yet.
The seals set on my car right now have ~3k miles. My car is not driving well, Ö itís flying! The improvements gained by a properly functioning double vanos are truly impressive. There is significantly improved lower torque. There is overall gain in power and torque. The engine moves through the RPM range effortlessly. There is little strain in the upper RPMs. But in the aggregate, itís the complete driving experience that is most notable. It is a different car!

Many seals kits have now shipped. I have heard back from a small percentage. They are ALL ecstatic about the outcome. Most of them installed the kit because of their aggravating cold weather cold start idle jolts, but when speaking with them all they discuss is the performance improvements. The idle problems are a bygone.

The difficult part is getting these owners to write on the forums. Once they solve their problems, they move on. Some have promised to write, but I have not seen posts from them. Iím sure the busyness of the holiday season is partially to blame.

In time, enough will report back.
I will be performing seals inspections at regular mileage intervals. I need owners in Raleigh, NC to participate in this effort and allow me to remove their seals for inspection and install new seals. I will perform this at no charge.
I expect the seals solution to last the life of the car. Only time and inspection will tell.
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