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presario , I would just go ahead and change it. You will definitely feel the difference with new oil. Most people on the boards ignore the 15,000 mile crap that BMW used as a sales ploy. You are better off changing it, the oil is pretty much the life of your car, no sense in risking it. I noticed that you live in cerritos, I'm in Downey. Just change it yourself, it's pretty easy. I was hesitant myself, but it's not so bad. I purchased my oil in my last oil change at target by cerritos mall, i can't remember how much it was....i think $4.20, get 7 bottles to play it safe, add a little at a time on the last 2. Check the level. Also, get your oil filter from the dealer, it ranges from $8-12. Also, get a 36mm socket wrench, they're cheap for the oil filter and 17mm socket wrench, normally included in most socket wrech sets. You'll be proud of yourself for this small accomplishment. Let me know if you have anymore questions.
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