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Originally Posted by snikwad View Post
Hey guys, when doing this did u guys buy a new oilpan gasket too, or is the one on there fine to re-use?

What's the oil sensor part#, and gasket, if needed.
The sensor I bought came complete with a new gasket, but I'd buy a new gasket if the sensor I bought didn't come with one. should have part numbers--not sure if they're different year-to-year.

For a 2002 330Ci--my car--the part numbers are:
Oil level sensor: 12617508003 (no indication that it comes with a new gasket)
Gasket: 12611744292

Yours may be different. Also, ask the parts person whether the sensor you order comes with a new gasket--no sense in ordering an extra gasket you don't need.
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